Lung cancer

Lung cancer


Facts about Lung Cancer

  • Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder.
  • Worldwide prevalence of the disease is estimated at more than 24 million cases.
  • The annual incidence worldwide is estimated at 4.6 million cases which is the equivalent of one new case every seven seconds!

Research scope in Lung Cancer

  • siRNA can significantly inhibit the expression of VEGF in lung cancer so there is lots of scope to develop this therapy area further…more 
  • Better understanding of cancer stem cells (CSCs) and tumor initiating cells (TICs) may promise to identify better therapies to eradicate cancer…more
  • The PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway is frequently activated in cancer. PI3K inhibitors may be promising…more
  • TRAF6 may be a promising target for the therapy of lung cancer...more
  • Mast cells play big role in lung health and the mechanism through which mast cells sense and interact with the internal and external environment is not well studied and not well understood yet…more

Treatment for Lung Cancer

  • ASCO guidelines for Systemic Therapy for Stage IV Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancermore…
  • Management of non-small-cell lung cancer: recent developments, more…
  • Radiotherapeutic Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the low to middle income countries (LMIC)more…
  • Efficacy of different monotherapies in second-line treatment for small cell lung cancer, more…

Prevention of Lung Cancer

  • Tea drinking associated with a decreased risk of cancer lung cancer, ovarian, breast and prostate cancer, more…
  • Moderate red wine consumption reduces chances of lung cancer risk, more…
  • High physical activity associated with lower risk of lung cancer among men, more…

Risk factors for Lung Cancer

  • CFH 402H variant is a smoking-related risk factor for lung cancer, particularly the NSCLCmore...
  • Gout is a risk factor of cancer, particularly that of urological cancers, digestive system cancers, and lung cancermore…
  • Anti-depressive treatment with SSRI and TCA might be associated with increased lung cancer riskmore…
  • Salted meat and beef consumption associated with high risk of lung cancer, more…
  • Risk factors for Lung cancer, CDC report, more…

Systematic reviews

  • Timeliness of care in patients with lung cancer: a systematic review...more
  • Postoperative radiotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer: systematic review and meta-analysismore
  • Exercise and nutrition interventions in advanced lung cancer: a systematic review...more
  • The role of mitomycin in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review with meta-analysis of the literature...more
  • First-line systemic chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review...more
  • Stereotactic radiotherapy (SABR) for the treatment of primary non-small cell lung cancer; systematic review and comparison with a surgical cohort...more

Treatment with Medicinal Herbs

  • Anise (Pimpinella anisum)Dose, 1 tsp crushed seed/cup water 3 x/day; 3 g seed, or 300 mg seed oil/day; 0.5-1 g seed in tea, 3 x/day ; 0.5-3 g fruits; 20 g fruit in alcohol or water; 0.5-1 tsp tincture up to 3 x/day; 0.05-0.2 ml fruit EO; 0.3-1 ml anise water; 0.3-1.2 ml anise spirit
  • Apple (Malus domestica Borkh) – Dose, boil tart apple in 1 pint water for fever
  • Garlic (Allium sativum) – Dose, 9-15 g fresh bulb; 0.25-0.5 fresh bulb; 6-12 g dry bulb; 9 g dry bulb: 45 ml alcohol/45 ml water; 1-5 cloves/day; 2-4 g 3 x/day; 4 g garlic or one average clove; 5000 µg allicin/day; 4 g fresh garlic/day

Reference: Handbook of Medicinal Herbs (2006)


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