Facts about Hypothyroidism

  • Hypothyroidism—an underactive thyroid gland—is the most common thyroid disorder.
  • Women over 50 are particularly susceptible to developing hypothyroidism.
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune destruction of the thyroid gland and the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Up to ten million people in the US have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
  • Hypothyroidism causes your bodily functions to slow down. Symptoms of the disorder include dry skin, intolerance to cold, and fatigue.

Research scope in Hypothyroidism

  • Vitamin B-12 deficiency is prevalent among patients with thyroid dysfunction so screening is recommended upon initial diagnosis with autoimmune thyroid disease and then periodically thereafter.….more
  • Paired box gene 8 (PAX8) is a thyroid transcription factor that plays an important role in thyroid organogenesis and development. To date, 22 different PAX8 gene mutations have been reported...more
  • Increases in serum TSH levels contribute to the development of cardiac diastolic and systolic dysfunction....more
  • The hippocampus is a thyroid hormone receptor-rich region of the brain. The change in thyroid hormone levels may be responsible for alteration in hippocampal associated function such as learning, memory and attention..more
  • Subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) was common in childhood cancer survivors. Brain or nasopharyngeal cancer, lymphoma, and head radiation ≥1800 cGy were significant risk factors for persistent SCH….more
  • Hypothyroidism during pregnancy has adverse influences on pregnancy outcome and fetus, and it is necessary to strengthen the hypothyroidism detection in pregnant women for the early treatment.more
  • The impact of Vitamin D supplementation on thyroid autoimmunity is not known…..more
  • There is a high prevalence of hypothyroidism (13.13%), majority being subclinical in pregnant women during the first trimester from India and universal screening of hypothyroidism may be desirable in our country..more
  • There is a high prevalence of hypothyroidism (13.13%), majority being subclinical in pregnant women during the first trimester from India and universal screening of hypothyroidism may be desirable in our country….more

Treatment for Hypothyroidism

  • Guidelines for the treatment of hypothyroidism…..more
  • Treatment for primary hypothyroidism: current approaches and future possibilitiesmore
  • Treatment of clinical hypothyroidism with thyroxine and triiodothyronine: a literature review and metaanalysis....more
  • Thyroid gland management in total laryngectomy: meta-analysis and surgical recommendationsmore
  • 2013 ETA Guideline: Management of Subclinical Hypothyroidism...more

Prevention of Hypothyroidism

  • High green tea consumption may be positively associated with premenopausal thyroid cancer risk, but inversely associated with postmenopausal thyroid cancer risk….more
  • Yoga is valuable in helping the hypothyroid patients to manage their disease-related symptoms...more
  • Maximal aerobic exercise greatly affects the level of circulating thyroid hormones...more
  • Zinc sulfate supplementation improves thyroid function in hypozincemic Down children….more
  • The study showed the benefits of iodized oil administration in decreasing goiter size and in reversing abnormal thyroid function..more

Risk factors for Hypothyroidism

  • The hair loss attributed to hypothyroidism may not improve with thyroxine unless zinc supplements are added, as demonstrated in our case….more
  • The study indicated that patients with hypothyroidism suffered from hypovitaminosis D with hypocalcaemia that is significantly associated with the degree and severity of the hypothyroidism...more
  • Perchlorate inhibits iodide uptake and may impair thyroid and neurodevelopment in infants....more
  • Organochlorine pesticides and dioxins may decrease serum T(4) half-life by activating hepatic enzymes….more
  • Thyroid function should be evaluated periodically in patients who have undergone neck radiation because it is often difficult to diagnose hypothyroidism only from clinical symptoms...more
  • T2DM patients are more likely to have subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) when compared with healthy population and SCH may be associated with increased diabetic complications…..more
  • Smoking may increase the risk of hypothyroidism in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis…..more

Systematic reviews

  • Hypothyroidism associated with increased all-cause mortality as well as cardiac death and/or hospitalization in patients with heart failure (HF)....more
  • SCH during pregnancy is associated with multiple adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes. The value of levothyroxine therapy in preventing these adverse outcomes remains uncertain..more
  • Meta-analysis demonstrates a relationship between sHT and cognitive impairment only in individuals younger than 75 years of age and those with higher TSH concentrations…more
  • Half of the population with thyroid dysfunction remains undiagnosed..more
  • Subclinical hyperthyroidism was associated with an increased risk of hip and other fractures, particularly among those with TSH levels of less than 0.10 mIU/L and those with endogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism...more
  • The risk of preterm birth and low birth weight also tends to be higher in children with hypothyroidism mothers...more
  • The incidence of autoimmune thyroid disease: a systematic review of the literature...more
  • Subclinical thyroid dysfunction and the risk for fractures...more

Treatment with Medicinal Herbs

  • Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) –  Dose – 10-20 drops fluid extract/day; 495 mg hull capsules 3x/day; 1 g dry fruit, 5 ml alcohol/5 ml alcohol/5 ml water
  • Cabbage (Brassica oleracea)– Dose – A dialy liter of cabbage juice for at least 3 weeks but not more than 6 weeks; 1 tsp juice before each meal for gastralgia and acid stomach. 500 mg tablets 
  • Coleus (Plectranthus barbatus Andrews) – Dose – 50 mg StX (18% forskolin = 9 mg forskolin) 2-3 x/day; 6-12 g/day dry root or 6-12 fluid extract (1:1)

Reference: Handbook of Medicinal Herbs (2006)


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