CBSE board soon can come up with a school grading system based on quality of education they provide

Now just having good infrastructure is not sufficient for CBSE affiliated schools. They will have to provide quality education to the children because the board is gearing up to come up with a grading system which will rate all 18000 CBSE private schools. There was some plan to start this back in 2013-14 but it did not take off due to various reasons. This will help a lot parent and children and would raise the standard of education.

4 ways to help parents to better keep their’s kids learning curve up

  1. Ask your kids to start keeping a diary:

Creative writing provides opportunity to your child to improve writing and develop ability to write and present their thoughts

  1. Mix the reading with pleasure:

To make things little more exciting and keep kids refresh, you can combine reading and playing together and make look fun happening both at the same time. Also giving them reward when they complete their task in time

  1. Make most the time together:

The great opportunity to learn is while kids are having fun. A trip to Zoo can spark a conversation about animals

  1. Help schools to shape up what’s going on their end for kids:

It’s worth to get involved in discussion with schools while they are creating any clubs or anything which could help students to become better and competitive.

UP government releases helpline numbers to control copying in board exams

UP deputy minister Dinesh Mafia said that enough steps are being taken to remove the nakal mafia. The boards have issued whatsapp no 9454457241 and landline no 0522-2236760 and anyone who comes across such cheatings can put complaint. Action will be taken as quickly as possible. Some exams in UP have been postponed in past due to such incidents of mass cheating. 12th standard exams have also registered great deal of cheating.

CBSE schools will have to give all fee related information on their website

According to new laws by Union human resource development ministry, all CBSE schools will have to declare heads under which they collect different type of fees including tuition, computer, classes, transport, and medical fees. Additionally they will have to give infrastructure related information and further they need to include parents in the management committee so that they are aware of the fee hikes. CBSE runs over 18000 schools across the country.    

ISB India’s top business school and INSEAD world’s best

According to Financial Times Global MBA ranking, INSEAD is the best B-school in the world in 2017 in the best 100 worldwide business schools. Indian School of Business (ISB) has been ranked best from India followed by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Calcutta were the other top schools finding a mention in the best 100 programmes worldwide. ISB has jumped 2 places to 27th rank and IIM-A has slipped five points to 29th position against the last year.

Donald Trump and Bill Gates Value are both pro-education and strongly support education 

President-elect and Bill gates are both pro-education. They met at Trump tower last week and conversed regarding innovation. They discussed on how it would help health and education. The meeting was set in Trump tower with billionaires meeting each others. A Bill gate believes that school should adopt new ways to make the education better. He also reiterates that politicians should not make wrong decisions to affect the quality of good education.

Two Israeli universities rated among world’s top 100 for research

Two Israeli universities Tel Aviv University (22nd) and Technion (76th) been ranked among the world’s top 100 for research, according to the annual QS World University Rankings released Monday. First compiled in 2004, the QS World University Rankings rates the world’s best-performing higher education institutions, assessing some 3,000 and ranking more than 800. More at:

Teenagers who feel safe at school get higher grades

Feeling unsafe at school may hamper a student’s learning potential and also contribute to more emotional problems, warns new research. “We found that students who felt safer were more attentive and efficient in the classroom. These students also reported fewer symptoms of depression, such as feeling unhappy and having difficulty enjoying themselves,” said one of the researchers Caroline Fitzpatrick, Professor of Psychology at Sainte-Anne’s University in Nova Scotia, Canada. “Making sure that students are engaged and attentive in the classroom can contribute to long-term success above and beyond intellectual capacities such as reading or math skills,” Fitzpatrick noted. The researchers used data from the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development — an ongoing study that began in 1998 with a cohort of 2,120 five-month-old infants — to investigate whether feeling unsafe at school interferes with classroom engagement. More at:

90 per cent school bags in Maharashtra not violating weight norm: Govt report

A press conference held by two seventh grade students has created a buzz in Maharashtra. In consequence, state government decided to scrutinise the complaint closely and released a report stating that as many as 5 lakh school bags were checked in over 28,000 schools of the state.

Detailed investigation:

  • Out of one lakh schools, 28,000 schools were put under the scanner and came out clean
  • From these schools, around 5 lakh school bags were checked and the weight of 4.76 lakh bags were found within the weight-limit
  • Following the detection, the state declared a report that 90.1 per cent school bags were within the permissible weight limits

Grades should not define our kids

Every child is unique, forcing them into areas that are not their forte is more likely to destroy rather than build them up. Our job as parents is to help them identify their gifts and preferences and help them bloom. Another way we can help is to guide them to discover and access the different paths that their talents and passion can lead to. As parents, we also need to be careful about the implicit signals we send our children through what we say and ask. When the child comes home with a test, is the score the focal point? Do you discuss how the results were achieved, acknowledge any progress or talk about how to tackle the challenges? More at:

Creativity labs in schools soon to boost creativity and entrepreneurship among students.

Kochi (India): In a move aimed at imparting innovative spirit and encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship among students, the State-owned KITCO Ltd has proposed to launch a novel project, Creativity and Innovation Lab@School, in government schools across the Kochi State. A proposal to integrate the project with the school academic programme will be placed before the Education Minister shortly. KITCO claims this programme to be a first of its kind at school-level and targets to cover all government schools in three years. A cluster of five schools would be formed in each district with one school to be selected as the host school. Eighteen students from the host school and eight students each from the other member schools would benefit from the programme thus taking the total number of beneficiaries across the State to 700 in the first year. More at:

Adding a pinch of Cinnamon to milk may Boost Your Kid’s Learning Ability

The study led by an Indian-origin researcher and based on a mice-model shows that consumption of cinnamon on a regular basis improved memory and learning at a level found in good learning mice. “This would be one of the safest and the easiest approaches to convert poor learners to good learners,” said lead researcher Kalipada Pahan, professor at Rush University in Chicago, US. Some people are born a good learning ability while some become good learners by effort, and some find it hard to learn new tasks even with effort. “Understanding brain mechanisms that lead to poor learning is important to developing effective strategies to improve memory and learning ability,” Pahan added. More at:

schoolStudy finds connection between stressed-out teachers and stressed-out students. Who’s stressing who? Study’s author says it could be both at the same time

A new study from the University of British Columbia suggests teacher burnout may be linked to elevated levels of stress in students. Eva Oberle, an assistant professor in the School of Population and Public Health, collected over 400 saliva samples from elementary school students and found elevated levels of cortisol — a hormone related to stress – in the students of teachers who reported feeling burned out and exhausted. “Possibly more teachers who experience burnout come into the classroom [and] have a harder time to respond to student needs, have a harder time to manage classrooms effectively and well and classroom climates can deteriorate and become chaotic and this can be very stressful for students,” Oberle told.

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