Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer


Facts about Colorectal Cancer

  • One in 14 men is expected to develop CRC during his lifetime and one in 27 will die of it.
  • One in 15 women is expected to develop CRC during her lifetime and one in 31 will die of it.
  • Anyone 50 and up should be screened regardless of family history.
  • Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates are highest in African American men and women; incidence rates are about 25% higher and mortality rates are about 50% higher than those in whites.

Research scope in Colorectal Cancer

  • SIRT1-AMPK-autophagy pathway may be involved in the maintenance of chronic inflammation and dysplasia development in the IL-10-deficient mice model. Modulation of this pathway could be a novel strategy for IBD and CRC treatment.more
  • miR-363-3p is involved in CRC metastasis and functions as a tumor suppressor via negatively regulating Sox4. Therefore, the up-regulation of miR-363-3p in human CRC may have therapeutic benefits.more
  • Lung is the second most common site of colorectal cancer metastasis. Treatment is based mainly on systemic therapy which has largely evolved lately, but outcome remains relatively poor....more
  • It is still controversial if the robotic colorectal surgery provides any advantage compared to conventional laparoscopy...more
  • miR-196 may serve is an emerging cancer biomarker for digestive tract cancers...more
  • (131)I-antiEGFR-BSA-PCL a novel candidate for the treatment of colorectal cancer....more
  • Fucose-bound liposomes carrying anticancer drugs provide a new strategy for the treatment of CRC patients...more

Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

  • Anal cancer: ESMO-ESSO-ESTRO clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis, treatment.more
  • Metastatic colorectal cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment.more
  • Systemic Treatment of Colorectal Cancer....more
  • A systematic review of treatment guidelines for metastatic colorectal cancer...more
  • Adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer...more

Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

  • Daily aspirin use at any dose was associated with a 21% lower risk of all cancer death, including CRC...more
  • Coffee as a healthy beverage for the prevention of colorectal cancer...more
  • Garlic reduce risk of colorectal cancer...more
  • Raising 25-OH-D levels to a vitamin D sufficient state (32-100 ng/ml) achieved colorectal cancer risk reduction, increasing the intake of vitamin D reduced colorectal cancer risk, and increasing vitamin D intake to 1,000 IU daily is safe and likely sufficient to raise serum 25-OH-D levels above 32 ng/ml to achieve colorectal cancer risk reduction...more
  • A high intake of total soy products or dietary isoflavones was associated with a reduced risk for overall colorectal cancer...more
  • People with existing bowel adenomas and those with an increased risk of developing bowel adenomas should avoid taking high-dose supplements that contain folic acid...more

Risk factors for Colorectal Cancer

  • Inflammatory bowel disease is a strong risk factor for colorectal cancer...more
  • High intake of red and processed meat is associated with significant increased risk of colorectal, colon and rectal cancers...more
  • There is a significant strong association between low selenium level and the colorectal cancer risk...more
  • Colorectal cancer risk is positively associated with high consumption of red and processed meat and support an inverse association with fish intake...more
  • Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and IGFBP-3 are related to future risk of colorectal cancer...more
  • Vegetarian diets are associated with an overall lower incidence of colorectal cancers...more
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is associated with colorectal cancer risk...more
  • High intake of animal fat increases the risk of colon cancer, and they support existing recommendations to substitute fish and chicken for meats high in fat...more
  • 12-14% of colon cancer could be attributed to lack of frequent involvement in vigorous physical activity...more

Systematic reviews

  • Chemoprevention of colorectal cancer: systematic review and economic evaluation...more
  • Dietary fibre, whole grains, and risk of colorectal cancer: systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies...more
  • Dietary patterns and colorectal cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis…more
  • Systematic review of benefits and risks of second-line irinotecan monotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer...more
  • A systematic review of salvage therapy to patients with metastatic colorectal cancer previously treated with fluorouracil, oxaliplatin and irinotecan +/- targeted therapy...more

Treatment with Medicinal Herbs

  • Ammoniac (Dorema ammoniacum) – 300-1000 mg ammoniacum (powdered gum resin)
  • Anserina, silverweed (Potentilla anserina) – 2-6 g (1 tsp = 0.7-1.4 g); 4-6 g herb/day (2 g/cup tea) 
  • Saffron (Crocus sativus) – 10-15 stigmata/cup water; 0.5-1.5 g day; 0.5-2.5 g saffron; 0.1-1 g powered saffron; 15-16 drops tincture 
  • Vervain (Verbena officinalis) – 1.5-4 g to 3 x/day; 4.5-9 g, as often happens, is the chinese dose; 1 tsp herb/cup water 1-4 x/day; 2-4 g dry herb, or in tea, 3x/day; infusion of 5-20 g herb/liter water, take 2-4 g up to 3x/day; 1-2 tsp liquid herb extract; 2-4 ml liquid herb extract; 2-4 ml liquid herb extract (1:1 in 25% ethanol) 3x/day; 5-10 ml herb tincture (1:1 in 40% ethanol) 3x/day  

Reference: Handbook of Medicinal Herbs (2006)


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