About Us

About Us

Our aim is to connect healthcare researchers, doctors, patients, healthy peoples, and key decision makers at the ResearchBook.co platform and to help them with various sort of information. This includes research scopes/gaps for young health researchers across the globe who might be facing challenges. We help patients to know about best available treatments and precautions so that their disease does not become worse and there are no secondary complications. We help healthy people to know the preventive techniques and established risk factors so that they can stay free from the disease. The best and unique thing about us is that our information is backed by proper authentic references. At the same time we seek inputs and suggestions from experienced researchers and key decision makers so that we can spread that to other people who are in urgent need.

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of a very talented individuals that are very passionate in what they do. We are deeply passionated in what we do.


Divya Verma

Chief Engineer



Shubham Guri